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I think that things are ready for Christmas in our little house. The last purchased gifts arrived in today's mail (phew!) and I just have a few fun little things left to make. We have a handful of cards left to deliver, which we'll probably do over the weekend when we go for a drive to see the lights and decorations. The last grocery trip was done today, and I don't think we have any remaining commitments, other than hanging out, playing, and eating well. It sounds good to me - I feel like I need a break from the regular routine.

Phillip has been writing up a storm lately. He's spelling everything out loud (seldom making mistakes) and loves to copy. I love finding his little notes around the house.

I hope that you have a peaceful, relaxing weekend with the ones you love.


  1. oh my goodness!!! that note is so cute!! Happy Yule!

  2. I love your pretty rustic shelves! And your soap is beautiful. I love handmade soap. I really want to try making some, but I'm a little intimidated ;-) One day... Your little guy writes beautifully. My daughter is just learning to read and write too.

  3. You definitely deserve a break and a rest....right after you decorate my house for me! ;)

    May you have a magical (and relaxing) holiday season with your sweet family, Sherrie! x

  4. Anonymous12/23/2012

    Happy Holidays Sherrie. Mr. P is one smart little man. Hopefully 2013 will be the year I visit you guys. Enjoy your time with family and friends. Vickie

  5. ooh, lovely soap! Merry Christmas, have a wonderful time!


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