two more

I couldn't resist posting a couple more pictures from our lovely Christmas together. The tree was beautiful but short-lived this year; the stand cracked on Christmas Eve, releasing its water on the gifts. Only a couple got really wet, and they weren't valuable or special, so it was okay. We have family here for a few days, which is super fun. Speaking of which (whom), supper is waiting. (Supper which was made by someone else while I've been puttering around - nice!) Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh, how I've loved looking at your holiday photos! I hope you've had a perfect holiday...

  2. Thanks, Rachael! I didn't get a gingerbread creation made, but I voted. Gorgeous entries, and I loooved your use of pink. :) We are having a perfect holiday, and I hope you are, too!

  3. Oh man, bummer about the cracked base and the wet presents. But how nice that you can take break from cooking!


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