cookie house

This cookie jar / 'gingerbread' house lived in a cupboard when I was growing up. I'm guessing that it was bought by my mom or given to her as a gift sometime in the 70's. It was broken at some point in its life, and was (quite well, actually, which leads me to believe it wasn't my Dad who did the repair) glued back together. There's something I just love about it, and every time I walk by it I smile a little bit. It's just the right size, and perfectly imperfect. And how do you like my little tree in a mustard crock? I found the idea here, via Pinterest.

I see now that Phillip turned the roof around between the time I set this out and when I took the picture. (It's been pretty dark lately, making great pictures tricky.) That kid. He has infection in both ears; he finished a round of antibiotics yesterday, and his ears still hurt. So we took him to the doctor this morning, and it's not cleared up. So he needs to take another round of some better tasting stuff. He's super cooperative at both the doctor's office and in taking medicine, which is wonderful - I just wish he didn't need to.

I'm getting ready to make this cake tonight for company tomorrow night. When it's baking, I'm planning to wrap up some soaps for Yarmouth Natural to deliver tomorrow. I'm getting pretty low on soaps, which is lovely; all I have left to make are special gifts! That's the extra-fun part.


  1. Dundee marmalade! The cookie house is cute. :)

  2. That is indeed one adorable gingerbread house container! I love your decorating style and have started pinning your photos to Pinterest. :)

    Sorry to hear that P is still not recovered from his ear infections...poor thing.

  3. Teresa, you're so sweet!

    Thanks, Madeline. I found the marmalade crock at a thrift store a few years ago, and love it.

  4. 1. I adore that cookie jar/house.
    2. We had that same Dundee marmalade jar on our table (with sweetener in it) for my entire childhood.
    3. That cake looks amazing and I must have it. Now.
    4. I hope your wee Phillip is feeling better...

  5. Love that cute house! I hope Phillip is feeling better soon! I remember having ear infections as a kid, no fun.

  6. Aww poor Phillip. One time we went through three rounds of meds before Carter's ear infection cleared up. Ben has just got over an ear infection & now on to another cold.

    You definately do have a nice way of decorating. Wish I were half a creative as you.

  7. Thanks, everyone! He seems to be doing much better. He has a dr's appointment on Friday, so hopefully he'll be clearing up.
    Movita, you should make the cake. It was AMAZING. I'll blog it soon.
    Thanks, Kristina!
    Thanks, Beth! I hope Ben's feeling better soon, poor guy.


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