christmas eve eve

The fire is burning merrily, the snow was falling beautifully for most of the day, and all is well at our house.  Well, mostly. I came down with strep throat and have been feeling pretty awful for a couple of days, but I have some antibiotics (bananacin, anyone?) and should be up and running again soon. Here's to 2012 being an antibiotic-free year in which you don't hear about my pneumonia, sinus infections, strep throat, or other maladies. This year was a doozy. With that, I'll leave you with some much lovelier images to fill your head that I took as I roamed around the house this morning. 

Okay, this last one warrants an explanation. Phillip has been given free reign with the tape dispenser this week. Along with wrapping numerous presents (mostly of the egg carton, flyer, or other-miscellany variety - please act delighted if you're a recipient) he has been using it to 'set traps'. This involves either a single long piece of tape across the whole doorway, or several smaller ones connected by a variety of other materials. They were initially for Thomas, who loves ducking under them. So now Adam and I have to move the traps to go through doorways. How adorable is that?

Speaking of adorable, this morning when it was snowing beautifully, Phillip said "Snow is actually broken up clouds, I think."

I hope that you and your favourite people have a wonderful, relaxed, calm, festive, joyful and healthy holiday together. Merry Christmas!


  1. my son actually has a blog called - get this - "bad guy traps".

    i wish your soap picture was scratch and sniff!

    merry christmas! and may those antibiotics do their job :)

  2. Merry Christmas, Sherrie to you and your family! I love the photos you posted, and the traps your son made... and the wrapping job. AND the glimpses of your home. Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Christmas weekend!

  3. Molly, that is AWESOME. I looked it up, and it's pretty great. :) it seems to be a common theme for boys-I think he's on to something. :)

    Thank you so much, Lea Ann! I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas, too!

  4. Merry Christmas Sherrie! I just love the photo of your soaps and the one of the bulb starting to come up! I wish I could have paperwhites in my house but they're poisonous for cats, so I have to admire everyone elses :)
    And ditto...I feel like all I've been posting this year is that I'm sick again. Get a good rest and get well soon! Let's hope for a healthy 2012 :))

  5. Phillip is so cute. Have an amazing Christmas! Hugs to you all from Mexico! Alli & Diego

  6. Merry Christmas, Alli! It's been snowing here yesterday and today. Enjoy soaking up the sun!

  7. Kristina, let's make a pact - no illness in 2012! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  8. Sherrie, you do have a way of capturing all those magical little tableaus (?tableaux) in your home and every day life. I'm still laughing over the snow from clouds comment. Happy bug-free 2012

  9. Thanks, Margaret! Pop by anytime you're up this way! (I've been seeing NS webcams all over the place!)


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