snowy morning

We're having a lovely time together, despite some kind of 24 hour bug that's been making the rounds. Thomas is loving having all kinds of people around to cuddle with and smile at, and P has been having a great time, too. Surprisingly, he hasn't been overwhelmed (i.e. screaming and crying and having meltdowns) at all, despite the busy-ness of holidays and visiting and gifts. Speaking of which... Santa managed to find a gorgeous wooden dollhouse on Christmas Eve for half price. It's a hit.

I still don't know where P has ever played with or seen a dollhouse, but since he wrote his letter to Santa and first mentioned it, we had been trying to find one that was wood, not a million dollars, and preferably not ugly. We bought him a castle when we couldn't find one, and when Adam and I were out in Christmas Eve and found this one, we were thrilled. We can easily return the castle this week, and this only cost a few dollars more. I think this one fits the bill beautifully.

I hope that you're having a wonderful holiday with your friends and family, too!


  1. Anonymous12/27/2010

    Total score on the dollhouse! I'm rather envious that P asked for one. I kept waiting for my boys to want one...and then for them to want to play with the one I bought for them. But, they didn't do either.

  2. Complete score on the dollhouse. It is beautiful - absolutely lovely and intricate. Love the snowman photos - very idyllic and happy.


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