Boo Santa!
My name is Phillip and I'm 3. Why are you always busy? I feel great about our Christmas tree. Thomas is little and my brother. I would like a dollhouse. Bye bye, Santa.
Love, Phillip

As dictated to Adam. I'm so proud of his writing! Didn't he do a great job? The letter has now been sent, and I do believe that Santa will write back. The dollhouse bit was completely out of the blue, and I thought I was done with the gifts stuff. But how can I not give him a dollhouse (from Santa, of course!) when he specifically asked Santa for one? We had a Fisher-Price one when I was a kid that I loved, and my parents think that it might be lurking in a corner of their house. So they're on a hunt for it. My fingers are crossed. Maybe I can scrounge up another used one if that one can't be found. We'll see. If I had gobs of money lying around, I might buy this one. But since I don't see that happening anytime soon, I'll search out a free one.

So I've been back at work this week. Insane. That's all. (Fine, though - just insane.) Only a few moments when I thought that I might lose it. Overall, not bad at all.


  1. Sears bargain basement in Halifax had a couple different ones for around $70,one came with all the furniture and you even get to paint the walls and outside trim,just needs people.

  2. Anonymous12/10/2010

    Oh if you can find the Fisher Price one it's great, so indestructable. Got my vintage one from Value Village when my son was 2 or 3. He's now 9 and he still plays with it. Although now it's a secret base for the Halo action figures, and Army men. LOL

  3. I am in love with those Calico critters' dollhouses. Since it would be kind of weird to buy it for myself, my 3 year old will get it. Hehe.

  4. A doll house out of the blue? So strange for kids to change their minds randomly? LOL! =) Such a cute letter...

  5. Oh my goodness! That is the cutest letter ever! :) I just love their first writing. Cyan used to dictate to me once a week and it went in a book, which is now in her memory box filled with other writings and stories she has made over the last 9 years. They just get more precious.

    A doll house... can't recommend one enough. Cyan is getting the rest of the homestead this year (barn and chicken coop) because her doll house went over so very well.



  6. What a great letter - Phillip is so smart! Ezekiel loves his dollhouse - we got him the playmobil one a few years ago. I know you're looking for non-plastic, but it's a good one for being gender neutral anyway.


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