recipe-a-week #28: cucumber salad & I'm still alive

I finally was able to stomach cleaning out the fridge today. This is a minor miracle, for which I am thankful. But it turns out that we had FIVE cucumbers lurking in there. Two were far, far beyond hope, but the remaining three were in fine form. How does one use an entire cucumber? (Aside from cutting off the ends and diving in, which I have been known to do.) Cucumber salad, of course.

I liked this recipe a lot, as did Phillip, although I think Adam found it a bit too vinegar-y. (Note: he finds anything remotely reminiscent of vinegar too vinegar-y.) I did use cider vinegar - next time I think I might try 1 tsp (rather than tbsp) of regular white vinegar instead. And easy - you can't get much speedier than this. That was my domestic accomplishment of the day. (Ahem, summer.)

So no, I'm not dead, just tuckered out from growing this baby. I am feeling much better, though, and my grossness seems to be reduced to evenings, now. I'm back at work, which is really fun and very tiring, and takes up much of my time. My caseload has changed up quite a bit from last year, which I'm very excited about, and I have a new student in grade Primary. I LOVE Primary classrooms. If I was a classroom teacher, it would be Primary for sure. I have been woefully lethargic in the domestic goddess realm, but I am re-inspired to try making marshmallows after hearing someone explaining the process this morning on Martha's Sirius channel (another reason why I like being back at work, I'll freely admit.) There is definitely one campfire night ahead before the summer is really over, and if I'm on the ball, I might even make homemade graham crackers. Please don't have any expectations, though, okay? I'm off to bed. At 8:49.

Good night!


  1. Welcome back. I've missed you. I made marshmallows sometimes last year and they were great. I've posted about them on my blog but can't find the link. They turned out so perfect.

  2. Homemade marshmallows! I didn't know of such a thing. I will need to try these while we are still in campfire season.

    Glad to hear your tummy is feeling a little better.

    Posted the link to the rose hip jelly in my comments of that post with another yummy idea for their use.

    Take care!

  3. Yay, you're back! Looking forward to the marshmallow report.

    You could skip the vinegar altogether and go with lemon juice. It's a staple around here: Cut up some cukes into slices and dip them into a bowl with a little bit of mayo, a dash of lemon juice, and fresh-ground pepper. Mmmmm.

  4. I heard homemade marshmallows were great. Hope you do make the graham crackers though.


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