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Good morning! I picked up this shower curtain at Frenchy's last week, and I really like it. It's the waffle weave you see on one side, terry on the other. A bit of bleach, a long hot wash and a day in the sun, and it's like new.
And did you know that lettuce grows really tall and flowers if you leave it long enough? (Ahem, on purpose, of course.) I am curious to see what the flowers look like when they open.
These are our tomatoes. There are probably at least 40 pounds of tomatoes on the plants, mostly still green. The funny thing is that most people around here had a terrible year with their tomatoes, and they all ended up dying. Not so with these ambitious ones. They were (and are) caged, but with the incredible size they grew to (they would be at least six or seven feet tall if upright) and the hurricanes that graced us over the summer, they're now of the horizontal variety. And delicious! Some of them are cherry tomatoes, which P and I go hunting for and devour in a matter of seconds. Yum.
This adorable tiny jar was in a box of adorable tiny jars I picked up at a yard sale on the weekend. It says "Hinds Honey and Almond Cream" on one side, "A.S. Hinds Co. Portland Maine USA" on the back, and "Improves the Complexion" on one side. On the other side, it says "Alcohol 7%". I love it. Oh, and see the cute gourds in the background? I'm going to be glittering them, a la Martha. I'm excited. And I'm excited that I'm excited, and not nearly as exhausted and uninspired as I have been as of late. I'm still sleepy in the evenings, but I was wide awake at 4:24 this morning and finally got up at 5:15. Now it's 5:46. Almost time to start the day.
And these are Adam's pride of the garden - cayenne peppers. I like a bit of flavourful heat in dishes, but I think it would probably take the rest of our lives to eat all of the ones that are growing. We know some people who do enjoy them more often, though, so we may be packing them up (carefully) for gifts. Speaking of Adam, he shot a wedding on the weekend. The pictures are beautiful, and you can see a few here. I particularly love the bride's veil. You can see it well in the exchanging rings picture - it's lovely.

In complete miscellany, I think I would die of the cuteness if I had these. Wouldn't they be great for mini pies to have in the freezer? So cute. I wouldn't complain if I got the apple one for Christmas. Just in case you were wondering.

Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. FYI, the tomato plants up and down the East Coast this year are suffering from blight. They should not be composted. This includes all plants bought from chain stores.

  2. ♥ ♥ ♥ Glad to see your garden did so well in spite of the rather poor growing season. I was not so lucky, but i needed a break anyway, right? ;)

    Also glad to hear you're starting to perk up a bit. Now we need more belly pictures! (Teasing)

    And finally, I adore the tiny bottle. I have quite a (tiny) collection myself - especially anything that held medicines.

  3. I totally hear you about the "middle of the night and I'm wide awake" pregnancy thing....I was awake at 4:15...I'm going to have to start crafting and making better use of that time if I'm just going to lay there.

    I LOVE those little pie molds! they are so cute!

  4. Eeep! Those pie moulds are supremely adorable!

  5. My tomatoe harvest this year was just as good as any other year - which is a huge amount of tomatoes. Although, I still have a considerable amount that are still green. I canned 16 pints. And I have a large baggie in the freezer for those that are rippening every day. These I will use to make sauce in the cold winter months.

    I love the shower curtain.

  6. Anonymous9/26/2009

    The pie molds are great! I'd like one myself. :)

    Yeah, every year, our lettuce (kale, dill, etc) bolt on us and, yup, we, too, enjoy their flowers. ;}

    Our tomatoes also did very well this year...must be our blogger superpowers! LOL!


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