I think I'm finally crawling out of my reclusive hole a bit. Well, not so much a reclusive hole as a busy and tired one. We've had so much going on, all of which is exciting. I finally took my camera out after our picnic supper tonight.

1) The house is painted! Well, there's still one little section Adam's working on, but really, it's almost done. Remember the terrible colours before? I like the new look much better.
2) Baby 2 has been growing, and I can't suck my belly in any more. I'm 12 weeks now, which is comforting. The nausea is pretty much gone, I'm eating lots, and still very, very sleepy in the evenings. I started Jane Eyre (again) last night after P went to sleep, when I couldn't scrape myself up off of the bed. Then I came downstairs so I wouldn't fall asleep, and P called out "Mama! Get up off the bed and get me my pacifier!" (I had a little chat with him about how we speak to each other. It was hilarious.)

3) Adam's been accepted into a program whereby he gets paid to do his photography for a year.


I know! We're super excited. To say the very, very least. This means that he'll be working at that a lot more, which is wonderful. It also means that he'll be paid!

It poured rain for most of the day, and it was sunny and beautiful for our picnic. I hope that your day is ending well, too. Goodnight!


  1. Yay yay yay all around!!! Congrats to Adam for his exciting news and thanks for the belly shot! :D And the house looks great!

  2. Thanks, Amber! :) I'll pass your congratulations along to Adam. :)

  3. Wow! That's so exciting, bravo Adam!

    And I had to laugh at P's boldness... to think he can speak so well while asking for a pacifier. What a funny little man.

  4. Anonymous9/16/2009

    The house looks great! And I'm happy to hear all your other news too, glad you're feeling well and baby is growing. Sassy P made me laugh! And last but definitely not least, big congratulations to Adam - that's very exciting!

  5. Excellent for Adam. He's very talented. House looks great and Mr. P's adventures always makes me laugh.

  6. Woo Hooo for Adam! Please to know more!

    The house looks beautious! Did you link to the right page on the house colours? 'Cause I don't see any colours on that page ...

    YAY for being twelve weeks! And YAY for feeling at least a bit better! You are workin' hard, lady. Great job!

  7. :) Thanks, everyone!

    Voofa - Pee yellow with poo brown trim are the former colours of the house if you follow the link. It's the Christmas picture in the semi-dark - I couldn't find a better one.

  8. Anonymous9/17/2009

    Wonderful news all around...even the little talk with P...LOL! Congratulations to Adam; it's so nice to have his talent recognized in that way. :)

    Get some more rest!

  9. Just wanted to say it is so comforting to know how we are all the same in so many ways. My son is about a year older than P and my daughter will be born within 2 weeks so I know the excitement and exhaustion you feel. Also, my son has shouted similiar things with no ill intent and we have the "how we talk to each other chat." Anyway, thanks for making me feel connected...


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