This is one of my favourite pictures of mine, originally posted last year.

Buying seasonal and local food is obviously the best way to eat, and we do quite well through the summer and into the fall with the farmer's market. Uncharacteristically, I didn't even check to see what country today's pomegranate came from before buying it. And it was absolutely perfect and delicious.

I've found that I haven't been thinking as much as I did before about ways I can continue to change my habits to be a sweeter steward of the earth. Not knowing where the pomegranate came from brought that to my attention today. It could be for a variety of reasons:
a) 'Green' is a big thing in the media, and I tend to avoid trends, even though this is a good one
b) I've made so many changes to my lifestyle and habits over the past several years that I don't know what else to do on a day-to-day basis.

What green changes have you made that I haven't? Do you have a challenge up your sleeve? I'll take you on! Just to sum up, here are some things I'm already doing: cloth diapers, natural and homemade cleaning products, Diva Cup, reusable bags, minimum shopping for new things (we buy mostly used), not buying stuff for stuff's sake - it has to have a place and purpose, minimal driving in our one very compact car, wood stove for most heat, whole foods and cooking from scratch, drying clothes on the line, composting and recycling, and probably lots of others I haven't listed. I need some inspiration, and maybe you can help! What else can I do?

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