all dolled up

How do you like the changes over here at my little blog? I had some fun changing things up and making it a little bit warmer and cozier. Hope you like it!

Pictured above are some shampoo bars; part of a custom Christmas order. They're Eucalyptus Lime, and I think they're quite lovely. I've been getting together lots of custom Christmas orders lately; if there's something you'd like to speak for before the craft fair on the 29th and 30th, let me know and I can set things aside for you. The shop was getting very bare, so I beefed it up with a few new listings for the last week and a half of November, before I go on a soaping hiatus for December. If you're local, don't forget that you can always buy soap directly from me and skip the shipping.

We have company this week, so things are a little busier than the usual routine, but good fun. Happy Wednesday!

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