popcorn enlightenment

Reader (R): "So what's up with the popcorn?"
Sherrie (S): "Oh, I've been eating it every day for the last week or so. I even had it last night for supper. Yup, just popcorn for supper. And those pieces in the picture? I set them aside, and had to finish the rest of the popcorn before I could pause to take a picture. It's that good."
R: "Why? It's just dry corn."
S: (eyes widening at the shock of hearing such a statement) "Dry corn? It's so much more than that! I've moved far beyond the monotony of butter and salt, the icky flavoured powders, and even Tex-Mex seasoning. This is different."
R: "Why?"
S: "I've discovered the secret to making the absolute best snack in history."
R: "Uh-huh."
S: "No, really! You try it. Air pop some organic corn kernels, top with butter and then - oh, then! - liberally sprinkle it with sugar. The more butter, the better the sugar sticks. The salt in the butter and the sweet of the sugar combined on those little bumps called taste buds is divine!"
R: "You do tend to get a little bit excited about things. Is this really that good?"
S: "Oh, my, yes!"

And you must try it. The idea was inspired by Magzy's Kettle Corn (see a pic on Flickr here), which is my favourite new food for 2008.

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