garlic curls and 'thank you' from Phillip

Did you know that garlic grows these lovely curly tops? We've never grown garlic before, so this was a pleasant surprise.
Some water droplets stuck around on the pea vines this evening.
A bug sniffed the peonies,
And this is what Adam spent a bunch of his day working on.

I spent much of the day getting gift sets together for Sunday's craft fair (none of them are completely wrapped yet, but all of them are almost there) and hanging out with Phillip. He's one heck of a cute baby, you know. And polite, too!


  1. I know this is an old post, but perhaps you'll read my comment anyway...and you might already know this. But, did you know that you can cut the curly tops of the garlic before the garlic is ready to pick and chop it up and use it just like you do the bulbs!? It's a more subtle garlic flavor, but works just the same.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I did know that, but I think I only learned it since we grew that garlic, and we haven't tried it again since then. But when we do, I'll definitely be using those tops!


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