baby trekker and beachy fun

Sorry for the terrible pictures and lack of interesting things lately - we had a splendid weekend with friends visiting for the long weekend, and I don't think I took a single picture. It was that much fun. We went to Mavillette Beach (pictured above, photo from last fall, I think) with the kiddos and had a fun, sunny time.
I found this Baby Trekker carrier at Value Village in Saint John for $5.99. It's in perfect condition, and I just couldn't leave it there! Phillip likes it, and it's nice that he can see everything and just kind of hang out on my back. MIL took the photo while we were there.

I have some more soaps I'll be listing on Etsy this week, including my new shaving kits, complete with two soaps, a mug and natural-fibre brush. It looks pretty sharp!

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