sweet baby and an oven that's toast

I took these pictures of Phillip this afternoon when he was playing with his dad, before the incident du jour.

We were going to have some friends over for supper, so I had lasagna and bread in the oven. Phillip was taking a short nap, and Adam and I were looking at the pictures I had taken. Then we noticed a melty plastic kind of burning. Of course, we thought the worst - that it was the computer. So Adam sniffed around and looked at everything, and it wasn't. We went all around the house to try to find the source - the smell was strongest in the kitchen, but there was no discernible source. I opened the oven, and it just smelled like lasagna and bread (which was pretty tasty, by the way!). It was getting pretty awful, so I got Phillip and went outside while Adam kept searching - turns out it was the top part of the stove - there was smoke coming from behind the dials. The stove is ancient and came with the house, so it's not a big loss. And it will be very nice to have an oven large enough to fit my pans in. But we weren't exactly planning on another major purchase, right after the new computer. Sigh. Anyhoo, we called the friends and asked if it was OK for us to take supper to them, and they graciously agreed. We had a lovely time, and Phillip was a gem. As usual.

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