humpback whale

At approximately 8:14 last evening, we received an insider tip from a source in Sandford, indicating that a large object of great interest had appeared on the beach. We geared up, picked up a partner in crime, headed to the beach, and these are pictures of what we found. Apparently it is a male humpback whale, belly up. It's about 32 feet long, missing its tail, and its black skin is peeling (mostly peeled, really) off. If you stand downwind, the smell is UNBELIEVABLE. The very blurry picture is of a barnacle that was on the tip of its fin - it's the size of a ping pong ball! I have never seen a barnacle even close to that size. There's always something interesting at the beach! And it was a beautiful evening, with a gorgeous sunset. You can't get a better start to summer vacation than that!

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