Organic at Home

I just re-borrowed an awesome book from the library - Organic at Home by Dr. Judy Macleod. It's full of recipes and tips for everything from face cleansers to compost heaps. This evening, I made a bunch of things from it:

Simple Shampoo (I'll let you know how it works, Jen! It smells amazing!)
Lemon and Almond Hand Cream (Beeswax-y, kind of like the Burt's Bees hand salves)
Coconut and Olive Cleanser (My skin is combination and likes to be contrary)
Eye Make-up Remover (equal parts light olive and castor oils - super easy!)

Also, I used olive oil last night as a moisturizer on my face before going to bed. I found that just dipping the pad of my finger in it and then spreading it on gave me just enough and I wasn't greasy at all. And my cheeks felt lovely this morning!

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