no expectations

On Sunday afternoon, I learned from a 2 1/2 year old that the way to enjoy life is to have no expectations. We were out on the lawn enjoying the sun, and Ben was playing with a glider plane. Us adults had assembled the planes and when we threw them, were expecting the planes to fly at least halfway across the lawn. We ended up disappointed when they went a few feet and then nose-dived into the ground. Ben, however, would use his whole body to throw the plane, and his reaction was the same whether the plane went somewhere or fell at his feet. "Yaaaaaaaay!" he would squeal as he jumped up and down. Then the whole process began again.

I had a wonderful time enjoying other people's children on the weekend, and had one of my favourite meals ever at the Dockside Restaurant in Lunenburg. I don't mean the food, although that was excellent - the bacon wrapped scallops far exceeded my expectations. There were 3 young-ish couples and three children at our table - Ben, and two fabulous 7 month-olds. They totally dictated everything that went on, and it was great. We were noisy and laughed a lot and the kids threw silverware on the floor - it was the best warm-fuzzy feeling.

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