the 'I'm done my MEd' fairies

I finished today! It's all done! I wrote a pretty terrible exam this afternoon

(*note: transcribing print math into Nemeth code requires a great deal of patience, pickiness, and attention to detail. These traits form about 1% of my total repertoire of characteristics. The rest of my composition is mainly hurried-ness and getting things done quickly, along with a good dose of cheerfulness and love for my cat. Thus, my transcribing efforts are usually riddled with errors. When I locate these errors, I'm too impatient to re-braille the page, so I flatten them down which looks messy and frustrates me.)

and I didn't have enough time to finish within the time allotted, but I'm done. I don't think it's really hit me yet... I'm done school for the forseeable future. I can't imagine. No papers, assignments, classes, readings... my free time will seem HUGE! And with all of the cooking I'll have time for, hopefully I won't become huge, too. Ahhhhh...

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