this weekend

Things are up in the garden! Snowdrops are the highlight right now, and the crocuses are trying really hard to be awesome, despite the great deluges we've been having that have beaten them down. And there's another 50 mm of rain forecast for Tuesday. Oy. Everything is so completely sodden and overflowing, I don't know where more rain will possibly go.

Chives! Our first edible of the season is officially... edible!

 I took the boys for a walk in the woods today, and we carefully explored a bit in a junk pile. I found several intact glass jars which I brought home; I love how nature makes use of the available terrarium!

And a plumber working at our new house found a pile of these cards in the floor. We found one a little while back, and were delighted that he found a bunch more the other day. They're from the Authors Improved card game by Milton Bradley, c 1890. I thought it was funny that we only found one at first, because there's a certain little boy in this house who loves to slide things through the floorboard cracks, and he certainly wouldn't stop at one. I think that a hundred years ago or so, there was likely another little one who did the same thing. I love all of the little things that are telling us the stories of the house!

If you're interested, I've been posting more pictures of the renos in progress on Instagram. (Browse through a bit, and you'll find a bunch.)

Other miscellany from the weekend:

Skunk cabbage! We saw the leaves last summer in the woods on the new property, and today I found this year's growth just emerging. It generates its own heat! What a fascinating plant.

Water kefir. I have some growing after trying a friend's that was delicious. And I can't stop smelling it every time I walk by - it's a lovely lemony, lightly yeasty scent. In a very good way.

Pad Thai at ChaBaa Thai. I had some last week, and it was sooooo good.

This tea. (I'm not a fan of their artificially flavoured teas. This one is lovely.)

I've been catching up on Doc Martin. Love that show!

I hope that your week starts off well and that you stumble upon some skunk cabbage, too. (I can't wait to smell those leaves!)


  1. I love seeing all the beautiful things you are finding in your house. Those cards are amazing!!

    1. Thanks, Kristina! The tearing apart phase is just finishing, and things are starting to be put back together! But I think there are many piles of glass all over the property to explore! :)

  2. Thanks for making my day with the photos of Snowdrops! They're my favourite flower (shameless plug alert, I just wrote about them in my blog, http://immigrantstable.com/2014/04/03/asparagus-and-ricotta-tart), and your photos of them are absolutely stunning. Enjoy the first days of spring!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Ksenia! I love finding someone who loves them like I do! I hope you're enjoying spring, too. :)

  3. There's a boggy area near here that's full of skunk cabbage. I see it every time I take a walk, and I think it's pretty fascinating too.

  4. Completely just found your blog a round-about way and had to leave a little comment. I loved the story about the cards in the floor boards. In grad school my then-boyfriend (now husband) was visiting me and we were playing cards. He was showing my his "skills" in flicking cards with his fingers and one hit the wall and vanished into thin air. We searched and searched, but never found it - even when I eventually moved out. Maybe it slipped into the floor like your cards.

    That's all... random story Monday. :)


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