flying by

It has been a very full time for us lately, in lots of good ways, and the time has just been flying by. Making time for things other than the necessities has been challenging, with work, the new old house renovations, and so on. Even so, I've been trying to walk at least three times a week, and have a friend a few blocks over who I'll often walk with. I mix up the routes I take, but one of my favourites passes by this lovely golden grass. The fresh air never fails to make me feel more alive, and I'm always glad that I went.

I almost always listen to a podcast when I'm walking on my own, and my new favourite is the Girl Next Door Podcast. And they mention me in the latest episode! A warm, warm welcome if that's how you ended up here. Browse through the archives and enjoy your visit! I'm also on Instagram, which is where I post most frequently. I'm glad you're here!

We have some company coming tomorrow for a few days, which will be fun, especially since the forecast includes lots of sun. I hope that your weekend is lovely, too, and that you make it out for a walk.

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  1. I love that photo of the grasses! You must be soo busy with the new house, I'm always in awe at your instagram photos of the work you do!


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