lady's slippers

I need to stop and smell the roses more. Or look for the lady's slippers, as it were. It is so easy for me to get caught up in all of the daily to-dos of this season, their stress and seeming immediacy, and to forget to literally and figuratively open my eyes and really take in what's happening around me. I took the car to the garage yesterday morning to have a strange noise addressed, and walked the few minutes to my office to finish paperwork.

It was one of those humid early mornings in late June that smells like life and warmth and sweet soggy earth. With a zillion thoughts swirling through my head and so many things to do at the very end of the school year, I started marching over to the office to

Along the sidewalk, there's a lovely little wood that I hadn't really noticed before, since I had always driven that stretch in the past. And when I took a second to appreciate the light falling in a little clearing, there they were. The most perfect little assembly of sodden lady's slippers.

I don't particularly enjoy hurrying. It just seems to be my default setting. I do enjoy the satisfaction that comes along with accomplishing tasks, but at the end of a busy day, I'll wish that I had taken a few minutes to just stop and take it all in.

And you know what? Blogging and sharing these little moments is one of the things that helps me to process and appreciate them, odd as that sounds. This past year (I mean school year, as I'm a teacher, so that's how my life is organized) was absolutely nutty, and many little things that I love (blogging included) have been neglected. Which is fine - it's what I chose. But now that the school year's over and it's finally summer, I'm choosing to bring those wonderful sanity-savers back. Next year is shaping up to be a wee bit less crazy, but you know what? I want to be calm in the face of whatever it turns out to be, and no one else is able to do that for me.

And now is the time to start. So hello again, friends! Happy Summer!


  1. Yay for pausing and taking deep breaths and seeing the beauty around us!
    I can totally relate...daily life seems to rush by so quickly. Some days I think the only moments I'm really and truly awake and in the moment is when I've actually made myself do a little yoga and open my eyes after a few breaths medidation at the end. I want to expand that feeling into daily life, but it's just very very hard.
    We'll have to keep trying, it's so worth it!
    Happy summer!

    1. Thanks, Kristina! Yes, we are on the same page - it's tricky to carry that through, but I agree that it's totally worth it! :) I've really been enjoying your photos lately, by the way. :)

  2. Lady slippers are magical!
    I am so thankful that I get to take regular nature walks with my kiddos. They are so different from a "hike" which seems much more destination oriented. On our walks their eagle eyes spot the coolest things and we always take the time to watch... With nowhere to *go* it is easy to stay as long as we like to take it all in.
    Grateful for that time!
    Happy Summer!
    I hope it is filled with many quite moments to take in all the goodness!

    1. That's a really good point, Dawn- the difference between a nature walk and a hike. I love it! And they do spot every little thing, don't they? (I'm packing up a few things for you today, by the way! Sorry for the slowness on my part.)

  3. Beautiful. I am the same. Blogging really gives me a channel to focus in on the little things that, without it, would be otherwise overlooked.

  4. So important to pause, and notice the beauty surrounding us. Hope you summer is filled with moments to do just that :)


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