Phew! In case you couldn't tell from that last post, I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with everything lately. (Another indicator is a lack of posting here.) Somehow, the spell seems to be breaking. I came across this post last night, and I think that it captures almost exactly why - I've been choosing to take little bits of time here and there for the self-care kinds of things I know will help me overall (and for tackling those nagging little to-dos), which in turn makes everything else seem more manageable. And of course, when things get stressful and busy, those are the first things to get left behind.

Poor Philip hasn't been feeling well yesterday and today. He was up several times in the night, feverish, stuffed up, achy and uncomfortable. (Thomas was up lots too, but because of bad dreams. So we're all a bit sleepy today.) One of the times he was up, Phillip called, "Mama! I need to poop!" We went in to the bathroom, and after a minute, he said "Actually, I don't need to poop. It was just on my overnight to-do list." And he prattled on about all kinds of nonsense. Dragons using small spoons to eat the healthy food tumbling down a waterfall was another topic. He's got a bit of a fever (hence the sleepy gibberish), and I've been using garlic ear drops, in hopes that he'll be able to fight off an infection. But contrary! When  he's really sick, he's very sweet. But when he's a little bit sick, he's something else entirely. (That's not entirely true. He's playing very sweetly with Thomas right now, actually.)

So I'm making a fresh batch of honey lemon tea concentrate to help everyone feel loved  this morning.

I bought these cheery mums at the grocery store 10 days ago, for half price. They're amazing! They haven't faded a bit. They've brightened up these rainy days considerably.

Right now, my mother-in-law's brown bread in the oven (to make toast for the invalid), and I can faintly smell the butter that I used to grease the pans on my hands. It reminds me of making Parker House rolls with Shirley.

The sun is out, clothes are on the line, and things are looking up. Happy Sunday!


  1. Glad you're feeling better! I can totally relate...this year as winter seemed to drag on an on it really affected my mood and I felt so drained for weeks on end. Thankfully with spring and sunshine I feel so much better now.
    Hope the little ones are better soon and that your spirits coninue to be on the mend!
    Take it easy!

  2. Re the doldrums, I just said to Scott this morning, "I'm tired of doing school." But it's just that funky place most of us fall into now and then. Plus, I've been cooped up with a bad back for a week. But I'm feeling better and the sun's shining... so I'd better get outside for a few minutes. We'll just do an easy school day today, with some "home economics" instead of all academic stuff. :)

    P.S. Philip is such a hoot!

  3. Katie P.4/23/2013

    I hear ya re: overwhelmed and feeling "blah" with a touch of "argh" thrown in there. Just keep swimming..


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