those cheeks!

I've been away for work for most of the week, and I am so very happy to be home. Telling everyone how cute my boys are made me miss their sweet little cheeks which are so perfect for kissing. And isn't Thomas adorable in that fox sweater? He was playing with a pop-up ghost in a styrofoam cup that Phillip made at school. So cute. Seeing Phillip's face light up when he saw me was the highlight of my week. I love my boys.

I did have fun while I was away, though! I met up with Alli and found some treasures at Value Village, and we had a phenomenal dinner at Morris East. (I highly recommend the pear pizza.) Today, I got together with Rachael (Movita Beaucoup) on my way home for a delicious lunch at Epicurean Morsels. (The lamb sliders were AMAZING. Thanks again, R!)

The work part of my week was pretty great, too. We had a terrific (and to put it very mildly, knowledgeable) speaker, Dr. Christine Roman, who literally wrote the book about Cortical Visual Impairment. (She's also a lover of all things handmade, so we had a nice chat about that, too.) I'm feeling inspired and excited to do some new things with some of my students. This is good.

On that note, good night!


  1. I would have missed those cheeks too! Next time you're in the city, we'll cook for you at the Cat Farm! xox

  2. Ha! Now that you know I'm not a murderer, it would be safe. :)

  3. Darling photo of T! So glad you had a nice week with friends, good food and inspiring speakers.

  4. I had a blast Sherrie! I will definitely have to try Epicurian Morsels and check out Motiva Beaucoup! It is always nice to meet other local bloggers.

  5. I would kiss those cheeks right off, if given the chance. Watch out lil' boy.


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