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 Adam and the boys picked up this gorgeous little mushroom on a walk this week. Isn't it lovely?

I have a little guest post up over at the Canadian Living Craft blog today, with a review of Amanda Soule's new book The Rhythm of Family. If that's where you came from today, welcome! I'm happy you're here.

Happy weekend!


  1. Anonymous9/16/2011

    I read it this afternoon. Lovely. I think I'm going to get the book; even though I don't have small children. I have her second book and I'v already done things from it. Vickie

  2. That's another thing I like about it, Vickie - they're not all things that need to be done with kids, either. It's just a lovely book to cuddle up with. :)

  3. That's some kinda mushroom. I've never stomped on one like that (I did that as a child).

  4. What a beautiful mushroom, I love the soft colors in the photos! Amanda's book sounds great, definitely on my wish list now, even though I don't have kids.

  5. I've never seen a mushroom that looks like that before...so ethereal and lovely! That reminds me: Audubon Guides smartphone apps is having a sale on their Mushroom guide app ($4.99 vs $9.99); might be a good time to get one for myself. :) Happy Saturday and congrats on your guest blog post!

  6. Wild mushrooms gross me out a bit (when it rains we get behemoth fungi all over the yard) but that looks straight out of a fairy tale. Neat!


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