sewing and hamburgers

This is the sweet little (brand-new) sewing machine that I bought at a yard sale on the weekend for $25. I still haven't used it, being swamped with summer fun and napping, but I'm feeling inspired by Handmade Home and its lovely project ideas. You need to get your hands on that book if you haven't already. I have sewing projects lined up and some fantastic books to use, but I'm just not on that kick right now. Maybe it's more of a cold-weather-long-winter-evening kind of thing. Regardless, I've got to take her out for a spin.
This was our lunch yesterday. Adam thought it photo-worthy. Local, happy hormone-free beef with lettuce from the garden and teeny freshly picked carrots, also from the garden. Yum. We don't eat meat very often, but when we do, it's the best. And there really isn't quite anything like a summer burger on a sunny day. I just noticed that Adam's bun is upside down (it's part of his assembly routine) and that the beef looks oddly pink. It was very well done, I assure you. Our trusty instant-read thermometer is very well used and loved.

Last night, Phillip wanted me to read the Lee Valley catalogue to him before bed. So that's what we did. That's my boy.


  1. Oh, that burger looks yum. I think I know what's for dinner...

    I'm interested in buying Handmade Home, but I'm hesitating a little because I'm worried it'll be really kid-centric. Are there projects in the book that would be cool for just-grownup households?

  2. Austen - the book is very kid-centric, and some of the projects. But many of them aren't, or could be de-kiddified, if you know what I mean. I think you might be pleasantly surprised! (Maybe you could borrow a copy first?)

  3. I can't believe my eyes with that beautiful Singer sewing machine. Good for you and I hope it works as good as it looks. I ordered my copy of Handmade Home today.

  4. I love that P wanted to read the Lee Valley catalogue! A family friend of ours had a son who would only watch Bob Vila's show on TV and wouldn't play with "play" tools -- he insisted that he needed the real thing.

  5. The Lee Valley catalogue - a classic! Sometimes I read that before going to bed, too. Great score on the sewing machine!

  6. You are always so lucky with your finds! Lunch looks delicious! I tried your bbq pizza and will post them soon...they were tasty!

    PS. I love the Philip wanted to read the Lee Valley catalogue...so cute!


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