etsy goodies

My sweet husband is now selling card sets of his gorgeous photos in his Etsy shop. There are three different sets, so go have a peek, and snag some all-purpose cards for those folks you want to impress. Or the ones you just plain like. (He's got lots more, so if something's in his sold items, never fear! Just send him a convo.)

Speaking of Etsy, Adam bought me these teeny-tiny vases for my birthday from this Etsy shop. They are so cute on the windowsill, each with one little snowdrop peeping out. I think the green ruffly one is my favourite.

In miscellaneous news, a large number of real e-mails seems to be landing in my spam folder. I used to empty it without reading the subjects of all the messages, until I started to see some real e-mails in there. So if you wrote to me and it either took me a really long time to respond, or you haven't heard from me, my apologies. I love hearing from you, and please try again. Happy Thursday!

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