I'm glad that you appreciated the discrepancy between the beautiful begonia in yesterday's post and the topic. I thought that it might make me feel better, and it did. Much like yesterday's post, this image is somewhat irrelevant to the text in this one. But I love it and wanted to share. These are a few of the Olivier soaps I bought last week, in a handmade bowl I bought primarily for pictures. Like these ones.

Thanks so much for all of your sweet well-wishes. Whatever I have seems to be getting somewhat better already, which is a very welcome development. I've spent pretty much the entire day in bed, although with the sun shining and the idea of evil germs lurking about, I did wash the bedding and my mom was good enough to hang it on the line. We're so very lucky that she is able to come and look after P when both of us are working. Or when I'm sick and Adam's working. I remade the bed with some lighter and Spring-ier bedding, and promptly went back to sleep for most of the afternoon.

Okay, on to fun things to share! I found a brand new (really, truly, brand-spanking kind of new) pair of Dansko clogs, exactly like these ones at Frenchy's. (Annie, if you were here, I would give them to you, since I know that we both have a thing for clogs.)

This is an endlessly entertaining flickr set of Darling Dexter's outfit every day. Fun!

And I can't recall if I've mentioned her blog here before (I must have!), but Amber of Amber's Ambry posted a hand balm tutorial the other day which looks fantastic. Easy peasy and a super sweet little gift idea. Have fun trying it out! I'm hoping to get around to it soon.

Marta posted today about Fresh's lemon sugar eau de toilette, which almost made me buy some, since I adore anything lemon-y. But I couldn't justify $28 for something I wasn't guaranteed to love and probably wouldn't use. And since I don't usually wear scents of any kind, I thought it might be wasteful and ridiculous. I could definitely make my own, using essential oils and Amber's recipe, and I think I will. But since I'm feeling icky, in a moment of weakness I took a peek around on Etsy, and found this Lemon Sugar solid perfume to try. I'm hoping that it's one of those super-light and delightful scents that you have to touch your nose to your arm to smell. The nice thing about the solid perfumes is that they don't spray all over everything else in the room, so you can control exactly how much you use. And now I'll have a tin to refill, too.

Happy Thursday! I'm off to take another one of these.

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