audience participation and lisa hannigan

This photo was taken a few weeks ago, on the Yarmouth waterfront. It was a gorgeous day (a saying which Phillip has picked up from us, I might add. Too cute!) Today was another beauty, with clear blue skies and warmth in the sun. The reason this picture is only appearing now has to do with today's random question: have you ever bought a new memory card for your camera, and your card reader won't recognize it at all? I can get the pictures from it, but it's a long and silly process I would like to avoid if possible. Any suggestions?
Phillip has been having lots of fun playing outside during this spell of nice weather. These "lellow boots" are getting small for his fat little feet, but he clomps around the backyard quite happily in them anyway.

I am usually 100% energy and positivity, but for the past week or so, I've been feeling kind of sluggish and glum. I think a break from the regular routine is much needed, and since I'm lucky enough to have the whole week off next week, I want to take advantage of the opportunity to do something extra fun and out of the ordinary. I'll be going on vacation from the Etsy shop, and Adam's parents are coming for a few days, so they can watch Phillip. I want to know if you have any suggestions for things I (or we) can do to change things up? Preferably something inexpensive, unusual, local, and out of the ordinary. Maybe a photo project? A winter picnic on the beach? Hmmm. Any suggestions are welcome and will be considered!

In the meantime, I've found some lovely links to share with you on this Tuesday-before-March-break, to help get you through.

Martha's Crafts Department has a blog! I haven't had time to take a thorough soak in it yet, but I'm looking forward to it, very soon.

Canelle et Vanille (translation: cinnamon and vanilla) is a painfully gorgeous food blog. Seriously. Once you see it, you'll know what I mean. I'm a wee bit envious of all of that beauty in one spot.

And I'm a bit enamoured with Lisa Hannigan as of late. You may have seen me driving with the window down and singing along to this song this morning. Isn't she gorgeous? (She has the same cheekbones as my sweet friend Jen. Hi Jen!) And the accordion in this song is fantastic.

While the first video is the song that's been in my head all day, I love this video. (To tell you a secret, this is how I like to imagine myself. Maybe I just need to sing more. And turn beautiful and Irish.)

Only three more work days until the break!

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