ants + peonies = ?

Can someone explain to me why the peony buds are always covered in ants? Always! Okay, I couldn't wait for a response, so I googled. Apparently the buds secrete nectar which ants are attracted to, and once the blooms open, the nectar (and ants) are gone. There you go!

As long as there aren't any ants in my pasta salad, I'm happy. This is a very simple and delicious summer meal. We usually use whole wheat pasta, but had white on hand, for some reason. Anyhoo, toss in some cubed cheese, frozen peas, green onion or chive, and whatever else you like. Mix up a dressing of a blop of mayo, salt, pepper, a splash of olive oil, parmesan, and lots of garlic powder, mix, and voila!

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