yard sale-in' (?)

I went out with a friend from the office and her very cute and well-behaved daughter this morning (it's a perfect and beautiful day here), and we hit several yard sales. It was a lot of fun, and I found exactly what I was looking for - something to store our wood in for our new wood stove! For $5.00, I got this fabulous trunk, which is more than cool enough to be in our dining room holding said wood. I also found a brand new kid's toboggan which I got for $2.50 (I looked online and they sell for at least $70.00... I'm planning on giving it to some friends) and possibly my favourite thing after the trunk - a tea infuser mug! (I'll put pictures in another post.) Handmade; the woman selling it said that a Swedish woman gave it to her. It's beautiful, functional, and the handle is large enough that knuckles won't get burned. I also found a pottery butter dish made by a local potter (which I'm planning to give to a friend who collects), a cat basket / bed thing (we had Virgil's plastic carrier serving the purpose - kind of ugly) a wooden dish rack which I'm going to use to dry my fresh pasta on, a cool candle-y centrepiece-y thing, an aloe vera plant and a couple other little things I can't remember, and all for less than $20! Not bad, not bad at all.

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