handmade update

Updates on the natural body stuff I made recently and how it's working:

Olive cleanser: Very nice. I use it in the morning, and use jojoba refresher from The Body Shop after, to get the residue off. In the evening, I use SpectroDerm. My skin is much less dry than it was - a very good thing.

Lemon Almond Hand Cream: Also very nice - reminds me very much of Burt's Bees cuticle butter. Quite greasy, but it absorbs after a few minutes. I think it would be nice on the feet before bed with a pair of socks.

Simple shampoo: Never really thickened. The recipe called for 'soap flakes' and I used grated soap that Annie and I made, so I think that may have had something to do with it. Not a high enough soap-to-water ratio, methinks.

Eye makeup remover: Very good. I just have to be careful not to use too much and get it in my eye. A tiny tiny bit does the trick! (Side note: As I was on my way to buy new makeup remover pads, I decided that I would use washcloths instead. They can be used more than once before washing, and they won't be adding to a landfill. Another tiny thing that can make a difference.)

Also, I made some olive moisturizing lotion yesterday. I used it last night and didn't really like the texture (super greasy) but my skin felt wonderful this morning. I'll try it again tonight.

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