braille blazing

After a bit of frowning, brow furrowing and lip chewing, I finally got the Braille Blazer successfully working in my little 'work' room at our house.
"At home?" you say. "Why not at the office?"
"Because," I reply. "It's too noisy for anyone in my building to work when it's embossing, since I have a wide open cubicle where nine other people can hear everything I do or say. People 'on the other side' thought I was popping corn in an air popper."
So now the process is as follows:
1. Scan document into office computer.
2. Proof and format in Duxbury at office.
3. Save to disk I hope desperately not to lose (memory stick as soon as they get some in)
4. Make sure disk arrives home safely.
5. Open document on laptop prone to freezing.
6. Emboss away and hope that no one phones, since the ringing would probably go unheard.

At least Virgil likes it being at home.

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