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 ... so, so very much has happened! We are settled in to our amazing new old house, with just a few little things left to be done. (Does everyone wait for so long for carpenters to finish up the last details? It seems to be a common experience.) I can't wait to share boatloads of before and after pictures... but the 'after' isn't quite ready yet. Moving is so. much. work. I had forgotten how much I loathe it, since we'd been in our last house for nine years. Ugh. My heart goes out to you if you're in the process! But we're here now, with the chickens and bees, and a new kitty, and life is pretty darn amazing - I thought I'd share a quick update.

I haven't touched the 'real' camera in awhile, and I'm missing it. I do love having my phone with me, though, for capturing all of those sweet moments that might otherwise be missed. Like P learning to pick up chickens properly, and the boys having some summer fun. T has very specific ideas about having his picture taken, and they usually involve him avoiding the camera in some way.
 On my drive to work, if I take a tiny detour after dropping the boys off at school, there's a causeway over a lake. And on some mornings, I get to see the most beautiful sunrises. The extra 3 minutes is totally worth it. Especially if other cars don't come along and I can take as many pictures as I want to. (My artistic process involves stopping in the middle of the road, since it's a causeway and you can't really pull over.)
And from the back door at the new old house, I've been enjoying sunsets like this, over the back field. There are deer at the edge of the woods many evenings, quietly going about their business. It's so quiet.
Quiet except for two hooligans, that is. The boys are ridiculously cute, as usual. They love it here, too, and are usually very willing to help with chicken chores, stacking wood (our wood furnace is kind of awesome!) and P even helped me to clean the floors throughout the entire house today. We're in the midst of a really nice phase right now with much less bickering than we were dealing with. Moving is such a huge thing - I think we're all settling in and feeling more like ourselves.
The neglected garden that we started before moving in has given us plenty of potatoes, some hefty squash, and the tomatillos were bountiful. I'm dreaming of next year's herb garden and what I'm going to grow for the chickens.
And speaking of the chickens, I've been learning lots! Turns out that bathing one after work isn't too terrible a way to pass the time, even when she stinks and has vent gleet. It also turns out that mites are a thing. We lost one of the ladies to a mink. The mink was promptly dispatched with a bit of assistance from my Dad, with much drama and fuss amongst the other ladies. They've been molting, and I am proud to report that most of the formerly-bare bottoms are now beautifully fluffy. Sherrie's Chicken Rehab is working! I am completely in my element when I'm down at the barn getting them all sorted out and collecting eggs. They're good company, too - so gentle and quiet and funny.
And now it's November. We started lighting the candles at supper tonight, as we usually do on the first night after the time change. The hardest part of this time of year is definitely the darkness. But there are so many things I love about it - being cozy inside with wild weather outside (this weekend was perfect for staying in), ginger and cinnamon, cold, crisp air, apples, daydreams about potential Christmas decor in this new house, scarves and sweaters. I love this season!


  1. What beautiful photos of your handsome young men and gorgeous area! I'm so glad you're enjoying chickens and homesteading life (I knew you'd be a natural). :)

  2. I'm glad to hear you are settling in well. I'm so looking forward to before/after photos!

  3. Welcome back! I have been checking and waiting patiently ;)


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