it always comes back to murder she wrote

See that beauty up there? I found it at Frenchy's today for $7, and it is in perfect shape. And I mean perfect - no dust (it comes in its own carrying case), every key and knob works beautifully and smoothly, and the ink on the ribbon isn't dried, so I can type in red and black! I am in loooove. And that 'Smith-Corona' font? *swoon* I love it! And even better? It matches my Jessica Fletcher phone!

It is a wild evening out there. The wind is howling (gusts to 100km/hr) and the rain has been coming down in sheets all day. Thankfully, we still have power. It's my favourite kind of weather, both in person and most especially in tv shows and movies. Funnily enough, in the first episode of Murder She Wrote it's exactly like tonight. Every show needs a good storm episode for dramatic effect - I love when characters bluster in through the door from the cold, turning and leaning in to close it against the wind and rain, while the warm, dry, cozy home (and often a friend) is there to welcome them in. I guess that's it - it just highlights how comforting home can be. And home is my favourite thing of all.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Americans! If I didn't have to work tomorrow, I'd happily do Thanksgiving all over again. Mmmm. I hope you enjoy a lovely, restful time with people you love.


  1. Hope that you keep your power. I think you should hire yourself out to accompany people to Frenchy's because you've got THE luck!

  2. Sooo pretty! I'm always hoping for a find like that when I'm thrifting :)

  3. Oh MY, what a find!!!

  4. Maybe you should start solving crimes? Open up a private investigating firm? And then write stories of your adventures...


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