the end, and the beginning

This summer was a full and happy one for our little family. There was nary a significant illness or injury (hallelujah!), and we just had a wonderful time, on the whole. We've been squeezing in as much beach time as possible during this last week or so - we had some gorgeous weather and nothing but blue skies. Yesterday and today have been grey, grey, grey, with a bit of wet and gloomy tossed in, but I like those kinds of days, too.

I was thinking today about how we spent the summer, and I think it was a significant one. We have our forever home, which is so, so wonderful. (Our current home is for sale, for a really spectacular price! I'll be your friend forever if you buy it!) Every now and then I have to pinch myself, I'm so excited. It's so much fun to dream and plan and imagine during this in-between time while we wait for our current home to sell. We spent a lot of time at the new camp, first cleaning and making it inhabitable, and then just enjoying it. We planted fruit trees to begin our orchard and had the fields mowed. The one big job that I didn't get done was a proper cleaning of the chicken barn, so I have that to look forward to on a cool, breezy day this fall. Aside from the house, we went to the beach (and discovered a new one!), had company at the camp, and spent lots of time outdoors. And ate a LOT of marshmallows. (Have you tried the giant ones? They're soooooo good. At least twice the surface area to brown to perfection.) Phillip went on a trip to New Brunswick to visit his grandparents, and went to day camp for a week earlier in the summer. We stayed at a lovely cottage with my in-laws in July, which was a perfect way to start the summer.

I'm feeling positive about this upcoming school year, too - my caseload is changing a bit, and I'm always excited about new beginnings. I'm bound and determined to not be a stressball this year - that is my main goal. Last year was nutty for a variety of reasons, and I was overwhelmed and can see looking back that I was indeed a full-blown stressball. Unfortunately, it takes until mid-August to recover! I'm one person, and there are only so many hours in each day, and I am going to enjoy my work time and do my best. And that's that.

So welcome to another September. I hope that the change in routine is kind to you and yours, and that there are still some summery weather days ahead!


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  2. I'm glad you had a wonderful summer. Good luck in avoiding the stress this fall :) I know I always struggle with it but I'm slowly finding my way around it.


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