Adam found this abandoned nest in the yard the other day, and Thomas was thrilled to bring it inside. He plopped it right in this beautiful bowl (which I found last year at Handworks in Saint John, incidentally) and I've been marvelling at it since. Throughout the year as we humans go about our daily lives, nature is working away, for the most part unobserved. A current humming in the air, soil, and water, surrounding us with layers of life and beauty. Earthworms working away in the soil, birds building nests, trees leafing out, spiders hatching and building webs, flowers blossoming and fading to seeds - the magnitude of it all is incomprehensible, really.

Adam and I went out to the camp for a fire a few nights ago, and I was delighted to stumble across some other beautiful things on our walk, too.

This beauty (do you see the sassy lady with the beehive, awesome flared collar, and hands on her hips?) was in the (since mown) field with several others. I had never seen one like this before - apparently it's an argiope. There are so many things for me to learn!

 There's a hollow heart stump by the camp (with an old rag in it that I need to remove).

 The only way to improve on an already-great beard.

And I'm just tucking this one in for good measure - this was the sunrise on Sunday morning when I was out for a little run. It was absolutely worth stopping for!


  1. Anonymous8/19/2013

    I love thst you find beauty in everything!

  2. Lovely photos. Enjoy the wild. It's precious.

  3. Beautiful! Mother Nature is amazing!

  4. I just found several of the those spiders today in our back field and one was on my daughters skirt. She was like "mom, can you flick this spider off of me?" and I said "sure." And then I saw it and almost had a heart attack. They are beautiful on their web but a little freaky when they are on your body.

  5. It's all wonderful!

  6. I agree with Anonymous and Amber! I would love to be able to view the world through your eyes. I mean, I marvel at things but you see much more beauty in everything than I do!

  7. Nature never ceases to amaze, does it? You just have to stop and really see it. I love that you do that, thanks for the inspiration!!


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