oh, my

First things first: I'm feeling a little on edge tonight about Hurricane Sandy, with my sister and her family in the Northeast US, and so many people in its path. And so, rather than spending my evening productively engaged in a task, I'm skipping all over the internet and hoping that people act wisely and are safe.

We're supposed to get high winds and a pile of rain here, but nothing too out of the ordinary. The house lets out a little creak every now and then as I type - some of the gusts are pretty strong. This house has been in this spot for over a hundred years, though, so I don't think it's going anywhere tonight.

I'm edgy about the weather, and Thomas is edgy because he had a dose of steroids yesterday. He came down with croup all of a sudden in the middle of Saturday night, and it was worse than pitiful. If you've never heard the cough, it really and truly sounds like a seal barking. It's sudden and loud, and scared him with every cough. We started the humidifier and were up for most of the night, and when he woke up on Sunday, he seemed to be feeling okay, aside from the cough. But after his nap, he woke with a fever and was breathing too quickly, so I scooted over to outpatients with him. Yipes, that's scary. I often wonder about what people did way back when, and think fondly and nostalgically about all of all of the folk medicine and knowledge that has been and is being lost. That said, I am so very, very thankful for modern medicine, and try to use it wisely, when warranted. They gave him a very small dose of steroid to calm the inflammation, allowing him to breathe normally, and although he definitely wasn't himself today, he's over that awful cough.

Speaking of pitiful, Adam wrenched his back somehow on the weekend and is miserable. He's going to physio tomorrow, and hopefully he'll be up and running again soon. In the meantime, since he's the stay at home Dad, I'm trying to keep things running smoothly, while working. Trying. (I've been impatient and abrupt with the boys. Sigh.)

And that concludes the "tales of woe in our house" portion of tonight's program. We're all more or less fine, and thankful.

In other, completely unrelated miscellany that I want to share, (and that I have no affiliation with, whatsoever) there is a bundle of e-books on sale this week only that I just bought. I won't give you all of the details, since the scoop is over here, but I think it's a good deal, and the subject matter (natural, healthy living, gardening, food and stuff) is probably information that most of you would be interested in, too. I'm particularly excited about the bonus free 3 month subscription to Plan to Eat - I'm hoping that it's a tool that we'll use. We usually plan a weekly menu and grocery shop based on that, but I'm hoping that this might make the process a little bit more smooth.

Take care.


  1. Oh dear...I hope your sister's family will be safe and that everyone in your household will be better soon!

    My kids have never had the croup but I hear it's scary. Poor Adam. My husband hurt his back playing tennis a few weeks ago (actually, it was more like exacerbated a twinge that he had from gardening already), and he went to a massage therapist. He came home in greater pain than before he went, but we hear that it will help the original pain eventually. :}

    Sending good thoughts for you and yours!

    1. Thanks, Teresa! Thomas is MUCH better today. Adam found out from the physio today that it is a muscle thing and not a disc thing, so I may convince him to do some massage in addition to the physio exercises. He was doing a bit better today, which is good. Hopefully the momentum will continue! Take care, and I hope your husband's back is getting better, too.

    2. I am so glad to hear that Thomas is better! And very relieved that it's not a disc thing for Adam. Definitely have him consider some deep tissue massage. I have heard such great things about it. And thanks for the good wishes for hubby's back! He went for his second session yesterday, and is not quite as sore this time. :}

  2. So sorry to hear your little guy is not doing well! I hope everyone in your household recovers quickly. I wanted to let you know that I recieved the seagull decal you sent me. It's adorable, and I've got it on the wall next to my "beach" sign. I'll be posting about it soon.


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