odds and ends

Some lovely Spiced Rum shaving soap. I just made a batch on the weekend to fill some 'manly soap' Christmas requests. Just let me know if you'd like to order some soap of any kind - I'm in a bit of a soapmaking frame of mind. Take advantage!

In other news...

Anthology Mag. Awesome, free online magazine with all kinds of goodness. I haven't even finished reading it, but wanted to share the loveliness.

Cheesy Vegetable Chowder. Making it this week.

I love her illustrations! I especially love this one, with the Le Parfait-type jar and Orla Kiely bowl. Mmmm.

I had a great Monday, and I hope that you did, too. Phillip is feeling much better (ear infections kept him down on the weekend) and I think tomorrow will be another ordinary, lovely day.


  1. What kinds of soap do you have on hand?
    I absolutely loved your soap you sent me.

  2. Thanks, farmer! I'm so glad that you enjoyed them. I have a little bit of most kinds on hand, including Peppermint Poppyseed, Orange, Fragrance-free, and Chai Tea, and I'll be making more Lavender, Star Anise, and more goat's milk ones this week. Send me an e-mail (birchbarksoap@gmail.com) if you want a more detailed list. :)

  3. Thanks! I will email you.

  4. Loved Anthology magazine, thanks for the link! Your soap looks beautiful, as always :)I'm still hoping to get some made during the christmas holidays, I've been planning to make some for a year now and never got around to it.


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