"baby daffodils," said Phillip

I bought these sweet mini daffodils with a pile of other bulbs from Vesey's last fall. We have this one on the table, and when Adam pointed to it and said "Baby daffodils!" to Phillip, Phillip repeated it. It was completely clear that it's what he was trying to say. Heh, heh. My botanical boy.

I love daffodils. I love crocuses. I love tulips. Especially tulips. And hyacinths (less so, but still love) and... umm, whatever other bulbs I'm forgetting. They're so juicy and springy. Mmmm.

Thanks again to you Yarmouth-area blog readers who came to the craft fair and introduced yourselves! It was so nice to meet you. I always kind of wonder who's lurking about out there, and it's so nice to picture you now. Just so you can plan ahead for your next soap fix, I'll be at my second ever craft show in Wedgeport on July 6. I'm planning on making some camping soap/shampoo bars (with lemongrass for bug-repellent properties), so that should be a fun batch. Please feel free to e-mail me at any time if you're in need of some soap - I've usually got lots around. Except for right now, I guess, since I sold most of it on the weekend!

In other news, I finished reading Eat Pray Love last week. Eh. It was okay, but I just found it too self-absorbed and badly written after reading The Spiral Staircase right before it. It's kind of funny that those two books ended up being read consecutively, because there are a lot of parallels between the two women's stories. Although The Spiral Staircase is also a personal and spiritual journey, it just doesn't come across in the same sort of self-centred tone as Eat Pray Love. I enjoyed Elizabeth Gilbert's descriptions of the places she visited, and it was a quick, fun kind of book. She switched between past and present tense constantly, which drove me batty, and much of the time I just felt like I was reading an un-proofed blog entry which I didn't want to subscribe to. There's my two cents. (I am fully aware that I often don't proof my entries here, and frequently make horrific grammatical stretches (which I'm sure pain my brother-in-law, if he reads this.) But I don't get royalties, either. In short, pick up The Spiral Staircase! It was my favourite book in a long time. Next up: The Kite Runner.

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