another day, another outing

Adam and I went on another little expedition this morning, this time sans cameras. We looked up hiking trails in NS and saw that there's a trail in Pubnico. So off we went to find it.

I wouldn't exactly call it a trail, more like a section of rocky beach (mostly, the rocks were just that awful size that makes walking very difficult and ankles sore) and then a bunch of road. We walked the beach and back, and didn't do the road part. It was a sunny and windy morning, and we had a good time, despite the sore ankles. You can see the Pubnico Wind Farm from the beach, which always makes me glad, since it's that much power not being produced by coal.

In other miscellany, the neighbours have decked out their house and yard for Halloween, and it's quite a sight. There are ghosts, ghouls, and goblins of every shape and size, giant scary-ish things, and a graveyard. And it's all lit up. What strikes me as funny is that each grave marker has RIP and birth / death dates on it. I don't think they were too well thought out. One says 1500-1831. The rest are equally implausible. But they definitely get the award for Halloween spirit.

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