It's interesting when you realize that unbeknownst to you, someone else's life is somehow progressing in a similar way. When I was staying with friends over the break, we were chatting and discovered that both of us are changing to a more environmentally friendly way of keeping our living space clean. Using natural products for cleaning and personal care makes sense; it's kind of scary to read labels on commercial cleaning products. As my friend said, "If I have to lock the cupboard to keep my baby out because the products in it are so dangerous, I don't think I want it in the house." I'm currently in the process of using up what I have left of a few cleaners (I think it's probably better than pouring them down the darin) and looking for more natural skin care products. My soap making friend and I have lots of recipes for those types of things, so maybe I'll give some of them a go. I'm very content with my life moving in this direction.

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