Rice Krispie Squares

It seems as though I have eaten more Rice Krispie squares in the past week than the rest of my life combined. I was picking a few things up at the grocery store one evening last week, and saw this MASSIVE box of Christmas Rice Krispies, with red and green krispies along with the regular beige-ish ones. So I thought, "Mmmm, Rice Krispie squares!" (Pause for a side note: I'm starting to sound like my mother. Count the number of times I have written "Rice Krispie". Whenever she is telling me (or anyone else) about something, she repeats the key word or words many, many times to the point where that's all you hear. For example: "I have been making your father's sandwiches from whole wheat bread. Not white bread, but whole wheat bread. Sometimes I like to eat white bread for toast, even though whole wheat bread is better for me. But I usually make your father eat whole wheat bread. I'm kind of surprised that he eats whole wheat bread on his sandwiches..." You get the idea. Another thing that I find people in general do around here is to repeat the same thing they have just told you at the end of their story. Sometimes I have to stop myself from laughing out loud when I notice it. Especially when it's something serious they're talking about and you're just waiting for the repeat line at the end. For example: "Boy, it's some snowy out there today! I'm glad I got on those winter tires. Those roads are slick! I heard on the radio that it's supposed to keep snowing tonight. Like I say, it's some snowy out today." It's as though they think you didn't catch it the first time. And maybe I look as though I didn't catch it because I'm standing there and smiling stupidly, wondering when the "Like I say..." is coming.) So I bought 1kg of Smart Choice marshmallows (they are quite lovely for being a store brand) which made one small batch (8x9) and two double batches (9x13 pans). With about 10 left over. That's a lot of marshmallows.

Now that I've taken a ridiculous amount of words to explain a very straightforward feeling of having overdosed on Rice Krispie Squares, I should at least provide the recipe. Which wasn't on the box, by the way. I googled "Rice Krispie Squares" (I'll see how many more times I can fit it in) and the first recipe that came up said "Don't you hate it when the box of Rice Krispies you bought doesn't have the recipe on it?" Yes, I do.

Rice Krispie Squares
Grease an 8x8 pan.
Over low heat in a large-ish pot, melt 32 marshmallows and 1/4 cup of margarine. When melted, add 1/2 tsp vanilla and 4 cups of Rice Krispies. Stir to mix well and press into greased pan. Easiest if you grease your hands a bit. You can also add chocolate chips, or melt some to pour over the top. You can add whatever else you like, for that matter. Dried cranberries, nuts....

OK, I'm done rambling. Maybe it's the lead paint in our house. We're busily working on the kitchen, and should have it painted this week, save the ceiling collapsing or some other unforseen and unfortunate occurrence.

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