So I caved...

Yes, you're right.

I am the one who once decried blogs as self-absorbed and said I didn't want to start one. However, after reading some that I really enjoyed, my mind may have changed a bit. Or maybe I just want to feel important.

Regardless (note the absence of an 'ir' in front), I hope for this to be a space to post bits and pieces about my life - from pictures of my newly-red living room to ones of my garden. And, of course, pictures of Virgil the fat and handsome cat. And anecdotes about my job as an Itinerant Teacher of Students who are Blind or Visually Impaired. There's always something interesting. Like the preschool instructor who referred to me as the student's "illiterate teacher" rather than "itinerant teacher".

Oh, the name! As anyone who knows me will confirm, I am a bit of a Frenchy's fanatic. Frenchy's is a local used-clothing store where I have found the vast majority of my wardrobe and lots of other things. You never know what you're going to find there, which is why it is so difficult to drive by a Frenchy's without stopping in. Hopefully it will be the same with this blog and it will be perpetually interesting.

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